”Big Hungry Energy” | Hunger PANGS make us do these 3 Things

Most of us are NEVER truly starving but could you imagine what you might be  motivated to do if you or a loved one were. Hunger, basic famish-ment, is already brutal enough. Hunger is such a powerful feeling that it propels us to act in semi-rational ways just to out jog the pangs. Hunger forces us to:


  1. Pound sugary things in our maw
    1. Think about the basic needs of hunger – to reestablish blood sugar. We then crave sugar
    2. Society says yes please and accommodates us in full.
  2. Binge eat at the end of the day
    1. Dinner is made so rewarding at day’s end because we have been SUFFERING all day without the pleasurable palate placation.
  3. To gain weight
    1. Our delicate metabolism is thrown into a weird dysphoria where eating any food is automatically uploaded into fat cells quicker than bad Marvel movie reviews on any given Saturday. This makes us retain fat.

Hunger is controlled by the balance between ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin is the ravenous beast within plaintively begging we eat when its concentration gets too high. While leptin plays the square – down- regulating the surging ghrelin back to calmness. But too much leptin, such as the case when we are overweight – means there is NO DOWN regulation and you have weight gain. 

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What’d we say? | Podcast Transcript


What’s good with you. Thanks for joining me. I’m Johan Francis CSCS, AKA slim, the tool man Taylor. And this is my show Ego Killer. Thanks for joining me on this show where we talk everything in moves inside the gym to help you move outside in life, where it really matters where the obstacles are. I’ve spent the last week remodeling the inside of my space to make it a little bit better, bigger, happier, functional, and all the things. So I’ve had a lot of exercise working with my hands, using hand tools crowbar, you know, I, I, I have honestly worked every muscle in my forearms in my hands. Like, I didn’t even know I had some of these, so it’s good to do something different actually had to get to the gym less, but I’m sure I still gotta workout in. It happens, right? It happens.


There’s always gonna be a kink in your workout plans. We practice recovering from those things inside the gym. We practice getting back into our physical routine. You know, I’m reminded real quick of something. The rock said now, whatever you think about the rock, you know, he is a mainstay inside the gym, right? I don’t really follow him on Instagram, but I love one thing that he mentioned a long time ago about the gym being his anchor. So he says, no matter what he is got going on, right? And this dude’s doing movies, he’s doing all the things, right. Doing all the things, the gym’s, his anchor. And I always felt like that made perfect sense. It doesn’t have to be the place where you’re constantly setting PRS and throwing weight way up in the air, catching it, doing all the things. But it is the place where you anchor your day.


Physically. Very few of us are not gonna move around throughout the world, right? We’re all gonna be physical. We’re all getting about the car. We’re all moving. We’re carrying things. We’re pushing, you’re lifting, you’re controlling. You are physically moving. And because of that, the gym is a place where you can anchor and reinforce all those things. So hopefully you guys, if you’ve had vacation, a lot of my members and trainees here have had vacation or whatever you’re into these days. You’re getting back at it and finding a routine, talking about routine, talking about setting that routine. That’s actually the glorious thing about our body is that our body is really good about maintaining routine. Our body loves routine. And what I’m saying is not that our bodies love the same stuff day in and day out. But our body loves to be at what’s called homeostasis. It loves just to feel normal and it’ll do everything in its power to return to normalcy. Once something gets thrown off your square, once you get knocked off your square, your body’s like, let me get back on that. Right. There is one of the things that makes the human body, the biological flesh bags that we are super incredible borderline miracle, right? Is that we’re able to return return to normalcy return to homeostasis. That essentially is the description of what hunger isn’t. Hunger is not normal.


Remember the last time you got hangry, remember the last time you got really, really, really hungry eating all day, you were past the point where you were just disoriented, right? Where you started to like conjure cheeseburgers out of like piles of clothes in your, in your room or whatever it is. You are past that point of delirium, right? And you are actually like, I could just, I will do anything, anything to sink my teeth into some, into a bowl of carbonara or pasta. You started to imagine your favorite piece of white fish, beans, and rice, anything that makes your watery mouth <laugh>. You started to conjure that. Remember how that felt in your mind. That’s the power of hunger. Hunger is a very powerful biological feeling, and it is a feeling it’s a feeling and it is a biological kind of reset. So we’re gonna talk about the machinations of hunger today, because remember the last time you were super famished, most of us are never truly starving in life.


Like in America, we’re lucky enough to have what we would call first world problems. And first world problems include the fact that we can say we’re hungry and never truly be more than like 30 feet away from actual food. Even if you’re way outside of the city. If you’re about that foraging, you probably forge up yourself, some berries, some spinach, right? Some mustard, greens, whatever it is inside of our cities. When we see transients and we look at the homeless, unfortunately in some of our biggest cities, we feel pretty solid that most of our homeless are able to get to a shelter where they can get something to eat. In fact, a lot of homeless here are given food by pastors by right. This isn’t necessarily the crux of homelessness and transients here, right? It’s not a lack of food. We’re never truly hungry out here.


But could you imagine, could you imagine the things that your mind would set you to do just to get a bite of food up in your belly? Can you imagine how many arches you would have to? You could, you, all of a sudden are just craving the arches, right? Because you’re just hungry. Maybe even hungry. You’ll do anything for food. That’s how, that’s how powerful the emotion, the machination of hunger is. It forces us into a lot of surprising behaviors, not terribly life changing, but over time they can be all right. Can you imagine what now think about being starving just for a hot second, be thankful that we don’t experience this on a regular day to day basis out in these, out in these states, but imagine what you do when you’re really hungry. How does that change your mindset? Think about the behaviors that you make.


I’m actually gonna have you guys go a step further and say, when you force yourself into a fasting state, when you do the, the, the metabolic fasting, the intermittent fasting on purpose, right? What do you start coning? When you start doing your carb cuts and you start getting really, really, really hungry, right? We do this to ourselves on purpose. <Laugh> on purpose. We put we’re risk, certain eating behavior, malfunctions <laugh>. And because we are looking to lose weight, <laugh> we do it on purpose, right? Which alludes to you guys, this never undertake, never accidentally go the whole day without eating. All right. Unless you’re gonna do it on purpose for a very specific reason on my website, coach Johan, cscs.com. I have PDFs about intermittent fasting. There’s a way to do it. There’s a way to do it. If you’re thinking about doing it, go ahead and reach out to me and let me know what you think, but there’s a way to do it.


You don’t just do it. And those are the only auspices or circumstances where you should actually be undertaking. Hey, I’m gonna be hungry on purpose. Otherwise, look, being super hangry makes us turns our behaviors. Can you imagine being super duper hungry on what it does? So it’s such a powerful emotion that it propels us to seven irrational moves just to out jog the pangs of hunger, hunger forces us to do these three things. Okay. Really hungry. And the first thing that we want is to reestablish homeostasis. That’s the first thing we go to in our mind, we want sugary stuff. It’s the first thing we want. The first thing that gets obliterated inside of your bloodstream is what you would call glucose, right? Your blood sugar. It could be like a disaccharide made up of at least one part glucose. Disaccharide is just a molecule.


That is one part glucose and one part, another type of sugar. So inside of your bloodstream, you got, you know, fruit toes and or glucose floating around mostly glucose, cuz blood sugar all up in your bloodstream right now. And when that delicate homeostasis gets broken, that’s when your mind goes haywire, your mind starts going into places, trying to solve the equation of what do I do when my blood sugar starts to drop off. That’s when you start snatching up all the Coke in the room, all the Gatorade that you could get to yes. Gatorade, all the sports drinks, all the candy that you see lying around. All the solutions for this hunger equation have to do with picking up something super sugary because that’s, what’s deficient inside the bloodstream. So when you feel like yo, I need to get some sugar in my life right now, what we’re gonna consider when the last time we ate was you saw that man Marshon Lynch on the sidelines.


He used to eat Skittles. Well, that was for a very different reason, not just because he was hungry, but be because he was cognizant about his blood sugar levels. When they start to Teeter off your body starts to shift into different kind of energy system usages. If you maintain your homeostatic levels of blood sugar, even when you’re playing super duper high level sport, you get more performance from your body. But most of us ain’t thinking like that, right? Most of us ain’t thinking like that. And you know who else isn’t thinking like that, unless you work at one of these awesome tech companies that will cater your, every need with your food, your job, they’re not thinking about you guys like, and your hunger situation. They’re thinking about solving your hunger situation. So a lot of the times when I would talk to you guys back in the day before all the tech companies came around and decided to get like Michelin star food all up in the lunch menu, back in the day, I used to talk to you guys and you guys used to tell me about what was lying around the office.


And it was never any, it was like crispy cream, the most sugary thing you can, it was, you know, bowls of candy, all these things. Why? Because it solved the equation of hunger. So whenever you guys at your offices specifically are in trouble being super hungry, well, you don’t have to look very far, grab something sugary to solve that problem. So that’s the first thing, the second, and look, all of our society’s convenience foods are geared towards us solving that problem with sugary, sugary, delicious things.


Here’s the second problem with hunger. And here’s the second behavior that it causes. Let you know, go to the website, let me know. Does this happen to you? So the first thing is we want to cram pound sugary things in our ma here’s the second thing we wanna binge eat a lot, right? So at the end of the day, you start to get really dissatisfied. You get really uncomfortable. You haven’t eaten all day. You’ve been busy. You’ve been put to task all day. You have to climb the stairs, deliver this email, that 10 meetings presentations a whole nine. And at the end of the day, you super duper hungry, right? Super duper hungry. What happens? What happens? Everything is fair game inside the fridge. You’re looking at your door dash app. And you’re like, yes, that’s it. You’re just like, yes. Right? And what I mean is everything starts to look good.


And what typically happens is you eat way too much for that meal. You start drinking a little bit after. I don’t just mean alcohol. Anything you start to consume when you’re done consum consuming, you start to consume again, more food, a snack, a dessert. And what happens is you actually obliterate how many calories you need for the day for whatever your goals might be. Binging. Pretty common, pretty common. As we try to pleasure, we try to engage in pleasurable palette. Placation right, because anything we’ll do when we’re super hungry. At the end of the day, we see it as a reward. We get bored. At the end of the day, we get we’ve been overworked. We felt like we’ve been sacrificing too much, too long. I sacrifice my hunger and my health. So I’m gonna go ahead and eat whatever it is I see in front of me drink, whatever it is I see in front of me.


And that’s that hunger man, that’s that hunger that propels us into that type of behavior overall. So that’s the number two, number three. This is the last way that hunger forces, our behaviors are our, it forces our weight gain. Like over time, the machinations of hunger that lead us to binge eat. And when we binge eat, one of the first things we like to do is cram sugary stuff into our ma we start to gain weight, right? Our delicate metabolism is thrown into some kind of dysphoria. Eating any food is uploaded quicker than like a Marvel movie review. The day after it’s right away, our, our homeostasis is damaged, damaged. Our metabolism is haywire and needs. Anything. Anything you eat at that point is gonna go straight, straight to storage, cuz your body’s like, yo, I don’t wanna experience this level of hunger again, not real starvation.


It’s first world starvation. It’s temporary fasting, but it feels like Armageddon. And the problem is our body doesn’t wanna feel like that. So we start to store a lot of stuff, knowing that we’re not really utilizing a lot of stuff. We’re not circulating a lot of those molecules. We’re not converting a lot of that back into amino acids. We are, or yeah, we’re not. We’re thinking of long-term storage and inside the body, what that is, it’s fat, it’s fat. So a lot of what we, our body will say, Hey, we have a new influx of blood sugar, good new blood sugar, restore that to homeostatic levels. Let’s adjust and everything else. Well, we’re gonna go ahead and start just craming that into fat cells and the more fat cells you have, because you kind of grew up in this in a way that was like more you have, if you were overweight, when you were younger, chances are you have more fat cells by count.


All right? And so it comes easier to get heavy when you get to be an adult, you know what I mean? This makes us retain fat. And it’s a pattern. Hunger’s a beast. Sometimes hunger’s a beast. Hunger’s a beast because it’s controlled. So it’s this, this this matchup or this kind of square off between grin and leptin. Grin is the hunger hormone. Think of it. As the hunger hormone, think of LEIN as the fullness hormone. When you get hungry, you’re empty. You need food. When you have a lot of leptin, you are full, you don’t need food. These two are at odds of the two stepbrothers stepsisters that are at odds with each other. Grin is the rebellious one. Grin is the barber’s one grins. The one out here starting the most funk because that’s the one that breaks the homeostasis. We talked about it earlier, hunger being the most UN homeostatic place that our body is in on a daily basis.


And it’s because of growlin. When we have a lot of growlin, it’s a signal to our body to eat the thing Mac growlin is thing. Loren is right. The thing Loren is satiating it it it’s location on our in our, in our anatomy positions that close to the brain inside the brain to pleasure center. So when we eat, we feel good because the receptors for growin are located nearer to pleasure receptors for other parts of our body, the rub, the touch, you know, you got, I don’t know, massage oil, whatever makes you feel good, eating frigging chocolate, whatever it is. That’s not about food. Pleasure receptors are filled activated inside your brain. Well right around the corner, right up the street down by homeboy’s house is growing. That’s where growing lives. It’s near those receptors. And because of that, what happens is eating feels good.


It feels like a Swedish massage, right? Eating feels good. And there’s few among us that can deny this. Everyone will attest eating at times is orgasmic. It’s pleasurable. <Laugh> right. It feels amazing to eat of the perfect meal. And it’s simply because the location where grin is inside your brain, when grin gets P ply high inside the body, we start acting a full just to get something to eat. We start pounding sugary things into our ma binging at the end of the day, which leads to weight gain, right? When we let grillin get super high. And so we wanna maintain the balance of this dysfunctional semi-functional relationship, right between these two conflicting forces. These two juxta juxtaposing hormones Le is one tasked with acting the square with down reg regulating surging, capricious grilling inside of the system. Leptin is tasked with calming down the super high agro state of growing leptin calms us and our hunger back down to normal brings us back to homeostatic levels.


The more leptin is in our body. The more full we are able to feel and the more full we feel, the more normalized we are. And now I’m ready. Now I’m ready to go on that long road trip. Now I’m ready to get back in the ring. Now I’m ready to finish up the day with some banging ideas at the boardroom of ideas. Now I’m ready to produce at a high level and make this thing pop. That is the station of leptin. So it’s always going to be this growing versus leptin concentration showdown, right? The more of one, the more we feel either full or the more we feel hungry in general. And it’s natural that these two are gonna be counter and adversely related throughout the day. Ain’t too much you could do about it. It’s just gonna happen that way.


So now that we know this, we wanna alert ourselves to one more thing. So it’s like, yo, if you have too much growing in your life, all you gotta do is stay full. All you gotta do is eat regularly throughout the day. In order to counteract all of that buildup of that grin, we wanna make sure that the square leptin comes in and calms everything down, right? That’s very easily kind of solved. We solve for X, we solve for hunger. It’s keeping grin at low concentrations. And so everybody that’s super obese and super heavy. You have no excuse. You did it wrong. You did it wrong because you, you let your growing get outta control. That might be the narrative or what we tell people that might be what we think of loved ones that we know that are super overweight or even homeboy homegirl that we know. That’s like, just letting it get a little bit outta control, right? Oh, it’s your fault. You didn’t control your grilling.


Well, mother nature says, hold up. I win <laugh> mother nature wins. It’s something I say a lot. And what I mean is mother nature comes in and is like, here’s the deal though? You got too much leptin inside your body, which is the fullness hormone. Well, you stop being sensitive to it. You actually get resistant to it. You get resistant to it. And so you don’t even notice it. If you have too much, too much input, too much nagging from the calming influences of what LEIN was supposed to be. It has a delete deleterious effect on your biology. It become your body gets numb to it. And so once again, we’re back to pounding sugary things, binge eating at the end of the day and gaining weight. When we have too much way too much leptin like way too much leptin versus growing in that beast, can’t win this.


However, isn’t something that is super common to everybody. This is more or less the outcome of a largely dysfunctional relationship with our feeding and hunger hormones. This is over time having poor eating habits or over time constantly for years and years learning that binging is the only way when binging is the only way that leptin gets set up there and calms down the actions of grin. Well, there’s more leptin because we have to overcome more grin, more concentration at an acute given time of leptin starts to pile up. And that leptin actually larger in concentration and duration sticks around a little bit longer to the body is like, I don’t even want to hear it anymore leptin. Right? And that is a relationship between those two hormones. It is a delicate one as is all relationship with hormones inside your body. So what we need to do to solve this, right?


So that yo, whenever we think about being hungry, what we do is we actually satiate ourselves quicker than we do star less star more satiation. And what that’s translated to over the last 10, 15 years, at least as long as I’ve been and training is like eating smaller snacks or grazing is oftentimes the situation. I don’t know how many times I mentioned it before, but my uncle in his seventies whipping my butt at ping pong, even though he’s in his seventies, looking like a shredded iron man, just, just dog walking me across the ping pong table, underneath an angry Florida sun. That man Gras, that man eats trail mix multiple times throughout the day might even settle down for one, two big meals on a daily, not overweight, very vital and is approaching his eighties. I always think about that when I think about how do we graze?


How do we snack? Is it true that you should eat multiple times a day for the vast majority of us? The answer is yes. Especially if you want to control your weight, you wanna control the weight. We’re probably gonna have to eat multiple times. If you wanna stay where you’re at, you wanna probably, if you wanna stay where you’re at and you’re kind of like on the heavier side, meaning, you know, you’re like man, 28% body fat, if you’re a guy or maybe like you know, you don’t mind staying there. I’m gonna say for either 28%, right, 26, 28 for women, if you’re up in the you know, 22, 23, if you wanna stay around there, what you’re probably gonna notice is like, you don’t want to eat that much throughout the day, right? You want to eat three times. You wanna fuel your workouts and that’s it.


That’s for maintenance. And that’s a recommendation, not for achieving big goals of body, fat loss and performance, but just yo cotedian wake up, stay the same type goals. Again, it’s big meals. It’s a few times a day. It’s satiate yourself. But when we’re looking to stay really active fuel, the body fuel energized, right? We need to manage the relationship between these two hungers. Cuz the last thing you want is to act the fool because you’re super duper hungry. So manage the hormones. That’s the message of the day. I’m gonna leave you with that, right? Don’t be hungry, stay hungry, but also stay fed. Let me know what you thought of the episode. Go to the oppo podcasts and rate the episode there. Gimme five stars and I’ll send you a free gift. I promise head to the show website@egokillershow.com, reach out and let me know that, how that worked out for you all and until the next time stay.