On Instagram, straight FLEX-arterian | 3 Beefs and 3 ”Leafs” with changing to PLANT BASED

Can I talk about all the shit people GIVE plan-based  eaters or how shit flows the other way? 


Remembering the documentary Game Changers makes me laugh because of just how many people got upset about the possibility of skipping meat. Which is doable but a lot of the carnivorous among us got way, way too butthurt by Wilkes. Point is: there are a few lifestyle keys and then some hardcore nutrition keys.


But first, we need to say that going plant based is probably better for our overall health for weight loss considerations from obesity to normal. But going from“overweight” to “normal” is MUCH HARDER. At this point making a lifestyle change has its beefs.


Beef 1: Binge eating – this means you eat AFTER you’ve dulled your hunger senses. Then eat too much at one or two sittings. I have a ton of info on binging on site. 


Beef 2: Failure/relapse – if you mess up, we tend to say fuck it. No bueno. 


Beef 3: Calorie restriction – it can be too deep a cut


Even if you’re rasta, vegan, vegetarians, outspoken and act minded or trying something new, hippies, holistic, animal rights activists, ecophillic. 



Nutritional keys:


“Leaf” 1: Iron – get more in your diet otherwise anemia will sneak up on you. Also, Ca and vitamin D.


2: Eat up to calories, time it and fuel your workouts which is easy.


3: Trying to flesh it out with other foods. 

What’d we say? | Podcast Transcript


00:00                                     What’s good. You guys, thank you for joining me. I’m Johann Francis CSCS, and welcome to my show. Ego Killer! It’s right here on this show where we cover all the moves you need to make inside the gym to move better outside than life. We talk a lot about discovering our limits inside the gym. Physicality happens, testing our limits takes place here. It’s all under the name of something scientific called progressive overload. This is where we actually test the physical capability of a joint angle and the muscle around that joint angle. Why do we test it so that we can get stronger? Why do we want to get stronger? Well, that’s where the ego comes in. We want to get stronger for a number of reasons. They’re all tied into motivators and all of us have different primary motivators, but getting there requires a little examination of the ego and guess what we all got him, the name of the show is ego killer, but that, that isn’t to say that the ego is always a bad thing.

01:04                                     On a previous episode, I was talking with Toma Degan shout out. And I was discussing with him about how the ego could be really a positive thing. And I had never thought about it from the angle that he was giving me, but the nexus set where the physical body meets the challenges and overcomes them. That’s the ego. And that’s why we call the show ego killer. So thank you guys for joining me. The only thing that the name ego killer doesn’t really touch on that I do need to touch on with you guys, because so many of us actually get to a point where maybe we struggle with it, or we have questions about it and I’m here to answer. Those is nutrition. Yo, what if you’re going plant based? I know a lot of you either dabble in it, right? Or you’re full on plant based.

01:51                                     I know a lot of us have been meat eaters and carnivores our whole life. And then we get to a point we’re like, yo, I want to try something different for a number of reasons you go plant based. How about all of us? We have a lot of questions that we want to answer. All right. So today I’m actually gonna give you I’m gonna call this three beefs with going plant based and three Leafs because leaf and beef rhyme. But before we get to that, maybe you definitely know somebody that is plant based. I know I do. I know quite a few folks. All right. And I know as many folks as I do know that number, there’s a fraction, but a healthy fraction of people that I do know that have just kind of dabbled in the plant based lifestyle. All right, first off you guys, you guys have the constitution of a warrior of a Spartan because yo, how many people give you for going?

02:47                                     Plant-Based listen. Sometimes the plant-based lifestyle is much more than a conscious decision born of some type of awakening, right? Social awakening. It’s actually religion. There’s priests in this there’s deacons in this demanding that you go plant-based, there’s teachings in this there’s wisdom traditions inside of this plant-based idea. And so you go plant-based because you feel the need, right? Your tug, the tug at your spiritual health is there. So it doesn’t matter what people say to you, but other people, we actually make the conscious decision to go plant-based temporarily or spend our whole life. And I’ve had the privilege to meet a lot of you who are plant-based first. And then you get into meat, right? You go back to eating all the delicious, juicy drippy, buttery meats. And then I’ve also had folks that do the opposite, where they grow up, eating the meat, right.

03:48                                     Go into the arches, wherever it might be. And then you come off the meat and you’re like, yo, all of this was, you know, a mistake for me. I’m gonna go with back to the plant life. I met both. I met both of you. So it’s been interesting, right? For me personally, I’m sure a lot of you have the same similar experience where, you know, people that have done one than the other who gives here’s an open ended question who gets more crap for this. Do plant-based eaters give non plant based eaters more? Or is it the other way around? <Laugh> that’s what I’m curious about. This was super evident. Remember you guys maybe remember the documentary game changers, the game changers with that guy, James Wilkes. All right. So this thing is on Netflix for like two weeks. It reached tiger king status in that people were really interested inside of the debate of nutrition.

04:49                                     This thing went on for a little bit longer and it peaked when the guy I think his name is James Wilkes went on to like Joe Rogan’s show and argued with the journalist man about paleo eating. Remember the game changers, this was a good little documentary because he actually made a lot of decent points. But the one thing that I do remember is like, you carnivores, you got so but hurt maybe a little too, but hurt about the nature of game changers. Because everything that, that man said he was correct in it. It’s just, if you’re looking for the one part of that documentary that dealt with endothelial flow, which he said was increased in plant-based eaters, which actually assisted in the muscle, getting more blood to the per, to the superficial level of the blood, like closer to the skin, allowing for more vascularity and thus contraction, basically endothelial flow, the flow of blood in between the interstitial spaces of the muscle helped you lift more weight.

05:57                                     Okay. That was very interesting. And they didn’t cover it at all, but then he went around and he talked to these other athletes, right. And he talked to the governator and it’s like, yo, all these people are either vegan or vegetarian. And for some reason, the carnivores among us, you guys got way, way too. But heard because by and large he’s right on a lot of his arguments and what are, what do we also hear from people who go plant-based right? You guys go plant-based because you’re Rotarian because you’re vegetarians. Maybe you are you’re animal rights activists, which was one of these things. That’s like, who’s defending the animals, the animals can’t defend themselves. We don’t want to be eaten. Someone’s gotta stick up for their rights. Okay. Inside of America, maybe even north America, maybe the Western world feels like this more so than other parts of the world.

06:47                                     And this is why you guys go into it. Maybe you’re just straight up hippies and holistic, right? You’ neuropathics maybe you’re activists in general and you feel like we are doing damage to the environment in so many ways with the exception of that last one, the economics or the, the ecological output of having meat on our planet, I think can be counteracted in a lot of other ways, but I’m not really right now I’m down to open debate, but I’m not down to talk about which one is right. All right. I’m here to kick some nutrition and lifestyle changing thesis, but to the end, at which, which is more healthier, I mean, or which is, has an ecological impact. I mean, there’s plus and minuses for both my friends. All right. Without getting into that, I do want to close in on some of this other stuff.

07:51                                     Like a lot of us go into it for a number of reasons. If you’re plant based now I’ve never tried it. I never will try it. My background in nutrition is just such that I think eating in a more balanced way is probably the way I’m gonna go. However, if you decide that you don’t need to eat meat in your life, I’m not gonna knock you. And no one really should because you can probably get away with it. For sure. Now I’m, I didn’t find accurate statistics or statistics that I trusted on how many people are vegetarian or vegan. Apparently it’s like 1 million people in the less than a percent of the country is actually vegan, but I’m not gonna figure out the statistics on that. If you guys wanna dig in and find some trusted statistics, you can do that for yourself.

08:37                                     However, for the number of us that even just dabble in plant based, you know, it’s better for you overall point blank period studies point to this multiple studies, especially in a few somewhat impactful areas. First of all, first of all, if you’re eating all this plant stuff, you’re eating your soy, your salad, your spinach, right? You’re out here with your garbanzo beans. In fact, you might even go full carbs. You’re eating your buck wheat. You might even not even worry about the source in terms of it being white flour, brown flour, you’re just eating flour, whatever it is, rices, I could go on POTOs conge and porridge. If that’s your diet on it daily, that could also include potato chips and French fries. You aren’t PO fries. You are probably making a better decision overall for your health in getting more fiber. All right. That’s number one, in terms of what it is better for you studies also show that if you need to come down in weight, going from really obese to like, normal-ish what you would call normal on a BMI scale.

09:53                                     Yeah. Going plant based is actually probably gonna help you do that too. Now we all know folks that are the opposite of that they’re outliers, but by and large, going from very obese to normally size BMI is actually what’s gonna happen when you go. Plant-Based so congrats. Right? You guys figured it out. So don’t give people too much crap about the plant-based lifestyle. Please just know that you probably are getting more antioxidants, more fiber, for sure. You’re not missing a carbohydrate for life for nothing. And if you’re really obese and you’re trying to get down to a normal size BMI, you’re gonna get work. And that’s good. And if you’re trying to go from just overweight BMI to normal, and before I go on, yes, the BMI scale is heavily flawed because it usually doesn’t include like athletes or anyone that works out. <Laugh> beyond a modicum of a, a fraction of their life. Look, the BMI is if you’re measuring wide variances, you can use that scale. Otherwise don’t use it at all.

11:05                                     I’m talking about wide variance going from obese to normal-ish or overweight to normal-ish. If you’re going from overweight to normal-ish, there are a few things you gotta remember if you’re gonna go plant-based all right. So if you’re gonna go plant-based and you’re just kind of overweight and you’re hoping like, yo, I’m gonna drop some pounds. I’m gonna get my antioxidants up. I want my skin to glow. I want you to see me from across the street, all the things I’m gonna get my CMOs pop in, whatever it is I’m gonna, you know, praise, praise, John, my own way. This is what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna to go with the impossible burger sandwich. I’m gonna go with the impossible over there with you got the the rice burger with the impossible mushroom in the middle. All of those things are fantastic, but know that there are other lifestyle adjustments that you have to make.

11:59                                     These are my three beefs with going with plant based. If you’re just trying to lose a little bit of weight, which is just kind of adopting it, not socially, but as a nutritional health factor, beef, number one, you’d probably be out here binge eating a little bit because that shift from meat to not meat, to basically eating like three ounces of chicken, which would probably be like 150 calories or, you know, beef 300 calories ish to now having to eat that much in I’m being facetious, but yellow peas or something like that. You are going to struggle a little bit initially. And the learning curve for going plant based is gonna take you a minute. I’ve seen it before. What happens is you might get a little bit hungry. You might get a little hungry, not even mention that the mouth feel of meat. Very different.

13:06                                     Let me add this in. Also, there’s just so much to talk about with plant-based ideas. But few years ago, this would’ve been very hard to go plant-based right now, it’s a lot easier. We make plant-based potato Chad, some plant-based not potato chips, but I had some protein based like soy chips the other day. And they just dissolved in my mouth. Like we’re doing this big these days. So beef number one, binge eating. You gotta watch out for your hunger binging. I have a lot of resources on my website. That’s when you eat too much at one sitting or two sittings, like a majority of your calories for a reason that has zero to do with your nutritional health or your fitness. All right, this happens a lot at the end of the day, typically binging beef, number two, you might relapse. Now, if you relapse as if the case with any diet, you might just go ahead and say F it that’s never good.

14:04                                     It’s never good for your tolerance of a new eating pattern. This is why diets don’t work. All of the relapse and failure associated with going plant based might pretend to you, it. I’m not even gonna try anymore. So we don’t wanna set ourselves up with too steep of a learning curve when we go plant based and get rid of all that glistening juicy beef, speaking of beef. All right. So the first one was binge eating. Second one was failure and relapse. We wanna watch after that, my third beef with just switching temporarily or really objectively, objectively to plant based and you gotta watch out for is calorie restriction. All right, it can be too deep. A cut. I just kind of mentioned it going from what you know, as eating Omni or a lot of meat into eating plant based. The calorie restriction.

14:59                                     If it’s too deep, a restriction, what happens is you just give it up. It starts to turn into a diet. You notice you only ate 900 calories. Well, if that’s the case, you start binging, you start looking for relapse. All right. So those are the three beefs. So let me kick it to you guys. The eco Fillic among us, the animal rights activists, you roster us, you vegetarians, you activists and hippies. Here are my nutritional keys that you’re gonna watch out for when you’re gonna go plant based. All right, we’ll call these instead of beef leaf, I got three of them. Number one. Okay. You’re gonna watch your iron calcium and vitamin D now calcium and vitamin D pretty easy. Now, if you’re gonna go with the vegan and you’re not even gonna work with dairy or eggs, or maybe even honey, you’re gonna have a much harder time getting that calcium and vitamin D you’re gonna have a much, much harder time.

16:05                                     And you do need both together. All right, iron too. I mean, with iron, you can just cook with an iron skillet. Yes. That actually works to get iron in your bloodstream. You can take iron tablets and you want to do this because that anemia will sneak up on you. And trust me when it does, you won’t even know it because you’ll have anemia. So wanna watch out for iron, definitely for calcium and vitamin D once upon the time we can extend that list to include B12, but V B12, you can just like, you can walk into a GNC and like just walk into the first shelf on accident and catch whatever falls in your hand. And there’s probably 9000% B12 in it. B12 is easy to get. It’s fortified in everything it’s fortified in cereals. It’s fortified in sports drinks, all the things. And it tends to at some point like store inside of your body.

17:06                                     So everything is super dos. So we don’t really worry about that. Plus it’s pretty hard to be deficient in it. Calcium and vitamin D that’s no joke. There’s nothing nice if you’re deficient in vitamin D and it’s absolutely life threatening if you’re deficient in calcium. So we don’t even play like that. Okay. But those are the three Leafs. I mean the three big macros that you gotta, not even Mac macros, excuse me, those micros, but very important ones that you gotta watch out for leaf two, you gotta go for your calories. You need to eat for timing. If you’re plant based, you’re not worried about carbohydrates. You’re eating all the carbohydrates. You’re like pasta, please. Rice horchata. Let’s go buck wheat, waffles. Let’s go. Okay. All the things that can fuel your workout, including blueberries, elder berries, all the berries, all of this is gonna fuel a workout. So you want to make sure that you’re timing it. So you do fuel your workout burn, and then you reload after, okay. So it’s measured those calories for the day. Make sure you’re eating up to them. Furthermore, let me add this. Also. I told you, this is a robust kind of topic, plant protein.

18:29                                     It used to be that we need to get protein from our, it’s hard to get protein. If you’re going plant based. Woo. Nah, there’s so many supplements out there nowadays. And there’s bone broth, right? You’re vegan. You don’t like that. There’s yellow peas galore, right? That you can get, that’ll give you all the protein you need. And very few among us need more than like 30% protein in our days. All right. So don’t worry about the protein. So leaf one was getting those three calcium vitamin D and iron leaf two was eat up to your calories and leaf three. Try not to flesh it out with that junk food man. So you might be how you’re hungry. You might be out here suffering. Remember this, you’re gonna want to eat whatever it is in front of you and Doritos men. I got a lot of calories in them and they taste good.

19:28                                     So do Oreos. And they’re both vegetarian. I believe they might even be vegan for all. I know, ton of calories in just a little bit of a serving alcohol too, pretty vegetarian last side check. Mostly vegan can watch out for the calories there too. When we’re trying to round out our leaf two, which was the calories remembering that leaf three, watch out for the junk food binge. So those are my three nutritional keys along with reasons that we’re gonna watch out. If we’re gonna make an ephemeral shift to plant-based, you don’t want to just get into this just for the heat of it. Just cuz it’s fun. Tell a little story. It has so many lifestyle impacts and I’ve noticed that these lifestyle impacts have a greater disproportionate impact on the way and the how long you’re gonna stick with being plant-based. If you don’t make that lifestyle shift, it becomes impossible for you guys to run with the plant-based STS and shoot. I don’t blame you to ignore that much, like the whole back row of the supermarket all the time with its glistening fish and the like, and that’s gonna be hard for you. And at the end of the day, our habits, lifestyles and social surroundings determine what we eat more than just diet. So it’s cool. Listen, you’re human. No, one’s gonna knock you for it.

21:05                                     Might I suggest a return to (?) that’s right. This is where we are mostly vegetarian. We allow a little bit of the seafood and dairy. Is that acceptable amongst you? Who gets more crap flexitarians vegetarians in which direction does the crap flow? Does it flow from the non to the flexitarians? Are you guys angry more or is it flexitarians? I feel like if you’re flexitarian you can’t really be abjectly mad at anyone else. You’re getting the best of all worlds. Aren’t you? I think it’s primarily maybe 70% plant based and a little bit of meat. There’s this whole 30, this is a raw food diet. I’m pretty sure that they get rid of meat too. It’s really low in fat, but it’s incredibly hard. I’ve never tried it, but I’ve read about it quite a bit. I have a recipe book that was given to me a while back from one of my old trainees and man, I can’t think of a diet that is harder to follow.

22:08                                     Not just because it’s difficult to determine what is within the purview of the diet, but also like, yo, you gotta eat all raw food. That’s a challenge. My friends that’s the whole 30. You can go pescatarian, which is you just eat seafood and vegetarian. And largely if we’re vegan it’s because we made a decision to act socially more conscious about what we put in for activist reasons, for social reading reasons. This is a lifestyle modification. And vegetarians, you know, you guys probably eat your eggs and dairy. So those are the reasons maybe it’s a return to Arianism maybe it isn’t. I suggest you watch that game changer. It’s pretty cool. They had a great discussion and listen, whatever you do decide know that there’s pros and cons with both. So I hope that does open a little bit of discussion with you guys. Let me know what you decide. All right, until the next one. Go ahead and write the episode on apple podcasts. Gimme the five stars. I’ll send you a gift. I promise. Join me on this show. Tell me a story. Let me know what’s going down. How it worked out. Ego killer show.com for that one. And now it on this note,

23:34                                     Stay up.



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