Glory Lifting | How to lift for Max Heaviness in 3 steps

Glory lifting means you are lifting really heavily for sport. In fact, you lift not simply for the ephemeral rush of sport, the thrill of the sport, but for everyone around to see do it. You move for attention when you glory lift. No shade, but this is often the only type of lifting we see on socials at lot of the time whether it’s shirtless dudes getting after it with massive wheels, pulsating neck veins and the brash unorthodoxy of a weighted GHD crunch or looking effortless while snatching hundreds of pound overhead in a jumper. In fact, there is a time and place to act like a university blue chip linebacker, for both guys and women. 

It’s when you do you max lifting.

  1. You need adrenaline to lift and to pressurize your body. 
  2. We need to make noise when we max lift
  3. Max lifting helps us scale

Do it every month, not every Wednesday. Because it takes a toll on the body and remember that overuse is iniquitous lying, cheating philandering heifer-ass cousin of mastery.

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What’d we say? | Podcast Transcript



What’s good. Thank you for joining me. I’m Johann Francis CSCS and welcome to my show, Ego Killer! Right here on this show where we talk about all the moves you need to make inside the gym. So you can literally move better outside life where it all matters. Movement is the name of the game. Staying active, moving right, is how we show the universe that we’re truly alive. When we become a mobile that’s when we show the universe, show ourselves that we’re not alive. All the processes in our body at the molecular level right now, they’re all in active movement. Movement is associated with life, right? The opposite is associated with decile, our ideas. All right, on the show, ego killer is to move, to keep us moving. It’s all about movement. Well, we look good. Making moves that are swift when we have heavy weight attached to it, and that weight goes flying in the opposite direction of gravity, then that look good right now.


If you open up your socials feed and you scroll along and you’re looking at your hashtags, hashtag fit motivation or gym life, you’re gonna see a lot of expert movement. You’re gonna see a lot of that weight heading the opposite direction of the Earth’s core. And that looks great. We can sum all of those movements up into one thing called glory, lifting and glory lifting. It might be the most beautiful thing you ever see on socials. In fact, social media is made lifting weights really easy to digest. Social media is made weight, lifting and training 10 times more exciting than it can. You know, I find it exciting, but it’s made it a hundred times more exciting than what it might be. It lends itself to video, to sensational done it, right? It is the most aesthetic expression of human movement. If you ask me and on that level, there’s more tears to it.


There’s gymnastics, there’s park core, there’s calisthenics and body weight, things like that. There’s fighting. All of these things are highly, highly aesthetic to look at and also encapsulate the highest level of human movement, but that glory lift man, woo. It’s the same reason. And so many of you out here, when you’re in the gym these days, you have taken up Olympic lift, weight lifting, you’ve taken up power lifting. You’re doing the heaviest things in the room. Now you see 155 pound man and women, not just women moving weight and complex movement patterns. And it’s awesome. And that’s the fire, right?


But it’s never far away from that glory lift. It’s never far away from glory lifting that glory lift. Woo. Well, let’s define what it is. Glory lifting of course is when you’re lifting really heavy for sport. There’s some people who lift heavy for sport, but it’s a sport where you’re gonna win a trophy where you’re gonna win a medal. So it’s competition. It’s literally a sport, not for sport glory. Lifting is quite the opposite right now. If we take a little bit of a dis ambiguity about this dis ambiguity, we can take a look at other types of glory. For example, you might glory spar, right? You might Glor eat right on Sundays. You might do a lot of glorifying. There’s lots of gradient to Glor and glorifying and glorification, right? There’s lots of gradient of it inside the gym. When we glory lift, we’re looking for that hero moment on the, on the socials, on the picture where we lifted more weight than we could possibly do.


The problem with that is we only do a one or two times, one or two times, three times max, and then we’re done. And this goes back to us feeling like a one and done. And I don’t want you guys to be out here looking like a one and done convey, carry yourself with the applaud that you have a lot more in the tank than just a one and done. This is my hope for you guys. We can’t out here, be out here doing the one and done kind of movement. No, no, no. When you’re out here, glory lifting and you’re doing it for sport, not just for activity, you’re doing it for the ephemeral rush or the thrill of the sport, but mainly so that everybody knows that you could do it. And so what I wanna steer you guys away from is just thinking that that’s the end game I want for you guys to understand that there’s a time and a place to get in your one rent maxes.


All right. I want you guys to understand the modus operand for the one rent max, I will not take away your right to, and your love of throwing them plates around. I don’t care. You wanna take off your shirt and tie the resistance bands around a barbell that sits on the floor and then sprint on the curve, elliptical as fast as you can. And then an attempt to break the digital timer on there, right? Because you’re just smoking it. You’re burning it up. That’s cool. Look, I applaud your effort. I applaud your power too, but what I would really love, here’s what would make an amazing to video for me? All right. Is you go ahead and do all that. And then when you’re done, right, you go do some you go do a set of push ups. Now that your legs are all burnt out, let’s go in for some sub max front squatting. Let’s get some real strength up in there. What I’m saying, I guess, is at this stage in my life and career, what I know to be truly strong, isn’t the act of the glory lift. In fact, when I know to be strong is far from it, it’s the act of the glory, lift the one rent maxes, and then doing something behind it. So for all of us out here that are still addicted to watching those glory lifts, that’s great. But I want us to understand the Modu operandi of a one rent max. All right.


All the, the beauty of aesthetics and lifting aside, there’s a time and a place where you can act like you ever see before the combine, not the combine. Okay. So right around springtime, go ahead and watch ESPN. Right. Go ahead and watch ESPN in July, maybe in summer, sometimes it’s in spring and go ahead and watch the college football teams at your local university or force your, your, your four year university and watch the football players get in a frenzied frenetic, orgy of weight, throwing in the room on ESPN. Watch how buck these men go. When they watch one of their comrades, put a four plate clean and snatch or a bench press right there in front of everybody. Put your name up on the board. Youngster, walk off like you did that. Watch how bananas and buck these guys get when they do that, there’s a time and a place to feel like you just did the thing that you just engraved your name on the wall.


I want that for you guys. There’s a time and a place to act for both men and women, all right, to feel like a, a university linebacker with the frenzied heroics and encapsulates it. And there’s three times. So let’s get into the three moments that you would want to do. Your max lifting surrounding max lifting. You’re looking for a heightened state. You’re looking for a boost of adrenaline, and you’re looking for every single muscle in your body to prime around these joint angles, because you want opposing forces to work for you. Okay? So if you’re doing max lifting the direction of the weight, let’s say it’s a back squat. The direction of the weight during the hardest part is going at the, almost the lowest part from bottom to top. You want the most amount of tension coming up, but you wanna stabilize your body coming down.


If this is a back squat. So on the way down, you want to kind of get all those muscles stretched out, ready to explode back up. And since it’s max weight, you need as much musculature as possible to get this grooving. So what you need is absolute strict mobility concentration, and a deep, sharp inhale on the way down a holding of the breath and a positive concentric movement up. If it’s a back squat, similar things happen when you’re doing other types of movements for your upper body, your chest press, or your overhead press. All of those things need to be in place. If you’re doing your max lifting, which is, Hey, maybe close to glory lifting. Look, if that’s the case, you need to understand this about max lifting. Number one, you need adrenaline. You need adrenaline.


You want to feel as pumped up as you could get. Not only does that open up the capillaries and, and all the blood goes into the skeletal muscle and the big moving muscles of your body away from your organs, but you get focused, right? And you tense up when you need to tension is good. It helps to pressurize your core, your abdomen, and helps stabilize yourself at the hardest part of your lift. So the first thing that you want to do when you go out here getting your max or your glory lift in is you need understand that you need adrenaline. So let’s turn up the music loud, clap like an absolute maniac like I do for my clients and trainees and get ready for action, because you’re gonna need that big inhale to stabilize the body.


Number two, understand that this is not a quiet endeavor. This is not gonna be a quiet thing. If I’m looking to lift max 1, 2, 3 rep, maxes of weight, it ain’t gonna be quiet. And here we’re going to get loud. I’m sorry, because I’m not sure under who’s auspices, the gym is supposed to be quiet. And I understand that there’s a whole culture of quiet gyms out there. These days more power to you. You guys are really upping your stock. The stocks of those purplely Royal purplely CLA gyms, the planet Fitnesses they’re really like through the roof, right? You’re making dividends on your returns. If you invested in planet fitness and are some of the most popular gyms around, but out here you make noise. They might TAs your that better there. And that’s a problem because you need to get a little bit loud, right?


Maybe we can perfect the art of inhaling, but you need to get loud if you’re gonna max lift. So what you might have to do is you might have to go to the homies garage and lift for your max lifting, but just, or you might need to alert the front desk and be like, you need to make a carve out for me today. That’s probably not gonna happen though. All right. And the last thing is this. You have to try it. So you have to lift heavy at least once a month. I’ll detail that later, but you have to, because it’s going to help you scale your lifts, scaling your lifts is appropriate for building sub maximal strength. And you have to know what one will do in order to know what three will do. 5, 10, 15, 30 for example will do it’s at scale. All right, this is an economy of lifting.


I want you guys to be apprised of what your one will do. All right, look, you ain’t gonna be doing it every Wednesday. Max lifting glory, lifting Wednesday. We’re gonna pass on that hashtag instead, what we look for is every, I do it every three minimum, three weeks, maybe it’s every six weeks, and we’re not even doing one rent maxes because this ain’t the NFL combine, right? But you do need to know your one rent maxes. So we will do that probably every three to six weeks, once. And reason is just simply this there’s overuse and there’s mastery. Overuse is the iniquitous lying, cheating. Philandering heifer, cousin of mastery is where you practice and practice and practice till you own a movement pattern, own the methodology and routine of performing that pattern over and over again. That’s mastery, right? That’s mastery. That’s what Naomi Osaka is doing right now.


Working her backhand it’s mastery. Most of us are not going to be at the level of a professional or even a high level amateur at the thing, maybe one thing, but we have to practice a break on the road to mastery. You take many breaks and in the case of someone who’s getting paid for their sport, they have that baked in already. And I need you guys to understand breaks are good because on the road to mastery overuse happens and that lying, cheating, overuse, the cousin of mastery is the number one reason that will prevent you from getting to the tip top of your physical conditioning. So my three tips for your one rent, maxes and appropriate girl, glory lifting have to be work your adrenaline, cuz you need it to pressurize your body. You need to make noise. So slam the weights down. Don’t hold on too tight to the weight, exhale deeply, right? And you need to attempt max lifting at some point to help you scale. All right. So I’m gonna leave you with that today. Let me know how it worked out. Go to the website, join the show. Ego killer After that, go ahead and review the episode. Let me know what you thought about it. Or we need to add on apple podcast. You do that with a five star review. I’ll send you a free gift. I promise until the next time.


Thanks for listening. Stay Up.