Card carrying cannabis Consumers | 3 reasons you do weed in your Fitness

Demonized by so so many and accepted by millions more, smoking weed is not the pernicious domain of the lowlife, the religious zealots or the wasted. Instead, weed smoking habits highlight the efforts of the relief-seekers, the stressed and anxious, the soul-searching optimists with too much free time. In the gym, I see all three, all the time. And some of you are fooling anyone.

By and large, smoking weed in the gym, eating, dabbing the shatter, ingesting the ear or whatever euphemism we adopt means we seek to build inner comfort to the outside world. And some of you knew this waaaaaaaaaay before the rest of us, right? You card carrying cannabis connoisseurs way before laws allowed for it… some of you wore the black hat of the outlaw and others, the activist or even atavist.

What’d we say? | Podcast Transcript


What’s good. Thank you for joining me. I’m Yon Francis CSS, and welcome to my show. Ego killer. It’s right here on this show that we practice and talk about all the moves you need to make inside the gym. So you can literally move better out there where it matters in life. Inside the gym we practice, we do it day after day, week after week, months, turn into years. That’s because we’re trying to see what our limits are. Some of us are better doing short burst stuff, power. Some of us are better with the complete opposite long distance stuff. Well guess what if you’re one of those two camps, your challenge is to do the other things. So if you’re good at power it’s to do endurance, if you’re good at endurance it’s to do power, and that’s where we’re gonna find what our limits are.


That’s why we do this little thing of ours to find out what our physical limits are there. We can dis figure out what our mental limits are replicating. The same workout over time makes us stronger. We know our limits. We push past them. We repeat the workout. Guess what? We’ve battle hardened ourselves and got stronger. That’s why we do this thing of ours. Working out in the gym routines are very important. What we put in our body, of course, it’s the pen ultimate of it. I mean, there’s just what you put in, what you eat, how you fuel. Of course, it’s important. I don’t even have to explain that. A lot of you guys put a little bit of extra inside your diet. I’m talking about all of you, weed smokers, or I guess weed consumers, cannabis, consumers. Well, that’s what we’re gonna talk about today.


Demonized by so many people, millions more actually accepted and that’s consuming cannabis, smoking a little weed, right? Burning up a little bud. Of course, that’s what it was when I was younger. Now you can do all types of things to consume and get it into your bloodstream. Right? You can put it in butter. You can you can inhale just like the invisible fumes, whatever your method is. It used to be thought of not just as, not just demonized because you had a lifestyle that was unsavory and unacceptable. Socially. A lot of you got demonized. Some of us actually got into a place where in jail, cuz of a little green flower, these are facts, right? It looks like socially. We’ve become more conscious of the actual meaning of those things. And so carrying a jail sentence or God forbid a prison sentence for distributing or consuming or even possessing marijuana has become largely ludicrous.


It took us a while, but we finally got to the point, but what my point is is some of you guys do that on a daily and you work out on a daily. And so even though you got caught up in your lifestyle, smoking a little weed, consuming a little marijuana, this is no longer the pernicious domain of the low life, right? Of the religious zealots or of the wasted Deadheads. No, no, no, no. These habits actually reflect a few types of folks that I meet inside the gym on the regular. Some of you guys are just out here looking for relief, right? You’re looking for physical relief. You’re looking to alleviate the pains of your training. That knee. It hurts quite a bit. But when you smoke, you kind of get into a spa or consume marijuana. You get into a space where you’re able to rehabilitate your knee, right?


Maybe it literally feels better. Physically. You can see right, your glaucoma goes away, whatever it is, others use it as a way to release the tension of the mind. Your stress and anxiety goes away. Still others, it being a lifestyle. Some of you have a lot of free time for whatever reason, maybe you are self-employed maybe you have a lifestyle where you work hard for two hours and then get paid for them two hours and less of the time you’re out here. Being really creative. You guys are soul searching. Those are the three people that I meet inside the gym on a weekly basis. And look, you’re not fooling anyone. <Laugh> oftentimes when we ask direct questions about, and I’m not saying have folks who are consuming marijuana and trying to fool anybody. Right. But it’s funny. You can always tell, right? And there are some coaches and who will not advocate that you’re coming into, you know, high, I guess under the influence, they’ll get a little bit upset, but by and large, this is a harmless harmless lifestyle by and large, which is why we’ve taken a cultural retrospective on the act of consuming marijuana.


Because we all kind of figured it out, but still you’re not fooling anyone, some of you guys out here, but what is it about consuming marijuana that helps you inside the gym? Right? I want to know from you guys cuz me personally, I don’t do it at all. I don’t smoke. I don’t chew it. I don’t wax it or shatter it or dab it or scrape it off. No, no, no. Treat it like it’s on a Petri dish, whatever we got going on, whatever the euphemism is for the wax ingesting it. Right. I’m I’m not one to, to take it down. What do you guys do? What’s the effect that you guys have out of it? Let me know. I’m very curious. Like what do you get out of coming to the gym after you’ve clearly had a gummy <laugh> like, what does it do for you?


What’s the positivity. All the research that I do, I find that there’s a lot of positivity. So I’ve looked at a lot of research and you wanna look to the effect of it being either curing anxiousness or causing it right. Or causing much more greater health issue. And most of the science points to it alleviating on being far less pernicious than we originally thought. And that’s a good thing. If you’re gonna come into the gym, it better be under the guys of positivity, not just your mindset, but also you want those muscles to act accordingly. There’s no sense. And it blunting all sense of proprioception. And then you pick up some heavy weight and all of a sudden you are underneath the weight, right? And you, and then I gotta rush over and pull the weight off you. You know, like that’s pointless. That’s more of something that, you know, if you drank beer inside the gym that would happen.


But marijuana seems to be consumable and manageable in the gym. Am I wrong? I want to know from you guys what it is. So however we consume some zoom. Some of you guys got this way before others, you were card carrying cannabis, consumers, conno sues way back in the day when it wasn’t lionized at all, you just kind of did your thing. And then when it kind of became lionized, you guys were like, see, I told you, you know, be real was right from day one. You know what I mean? Right. Some of you guys kind of understood the Steves way back then and you know, kudos to you. Some of you guys were activists, nice work. It seems that history is in fact on your side, on this one and that consuming cannabis can be very beneficial for your lifestyle. What we now call mental health.


It can be Axio genetic or alytic, which is just a fancy way of saying our scientific way of saying it. It relieves anxiety, right? This is what we find in our studies. Especially inside the gym, kudos to you guys that you figured that out way before everybody else. Some of you guys, the laws didn’t prohibit you, right? Even if you didn’t have a card, the laws didn’t prohibit you from consuming because you liked the way it made you feel inside the gym, there was something of a focus. There was something of a relief, right? An anti-inflammatory response that got you going and made you feel really good. And so you kept doing it, incorporating any of your lifestyle, having your lifestyle dictate the way you worked out. Right? So it would be too much for you to separate the lifestyle from the workout. You know, I’m one, that’s always gonna advocate bringing your lifestyle into the gym.


So why would you hide consuming marijuana? Right? Why would you hide that? Some of you knew way, way before everybody else. And I commend you for it, right? Some of you, some of us, we’re not gonna go that way. Anyway. We’re just cool with feeling the way we feel. We don’t want to consume. Not because we feel it’s really pernicious really dangerous, right? Or even that it’s a big deal at all. It’s just not the way that we get down. Right? I mean, if you smoke two cigarettes a week or you smoke a cigar on the weekend, you know, that doesn’t affect the way you work out at all, but you’re not gonna do it on purpose right before you come into the gym in order to feel a nicotine buzz. It’s just not the way it is. Right. So some of us, we just kind of feel like, ah, it doesn’t matter.


You do, you do your thing. That’s your lifestyle. Not gonna judge you either way, but some of you, again, you’re only taking it kind of as a sports supplement. So what is the use? What do we garner from it? Because we’re out here taking it, coming into the gym. And then when I ask you the question, you just feel real good about the answer you feel real good about, well, wait, you’re gonna pick up you’re down to do it all. How do you get into that mindset? If you’ve gone ahead and taken a piece of the rice crispy square of whatever it’s gonna be. <Laugh> right. What is the mindset that you’re looking for? I’ve noticed again, those three folks. So I’m gonna talk about what I’ve noticed over the many years, you know, back when it was still, you know, illegal into the era of it being semi-legal for medicinal purposes, most of which had everything under the sun, right? You can have freaking asthma, glaucoma. I think you had a flat tire. They’d give you a cannabis card, whatever. And then now from that era into the, the that anachronistic era into now where it’s completely legal, right? So let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about the three folks that I meet on a weekly basis, up in the gym, consuming that bud getting after it and still making moves in the gym. First off, those of us are looking for a mental health boost. Okay.


And what I noticed from you, right, is that yeah, you are in to the lifestyle because of consumption of weed, gives you a little bit of ease in your life. All right. I’ll give you an example. Many, many years ago, I met up with an old friend and we used to box together. He’s much older than me on this chance. Saturday meeting outside the boxing gym, shout out to dreamland boxing. We met up and from that point forward, me and my man started working out man’s was in incredibly good shape. Right. He was looking to go pro and inside his life, he was smoking weed. All right. So we’re talking about the mid era where it’s cannabis legal, all right. Medicinally legal for him. It was more for that attention or biomechanical awareness. So he was doing it to enhance the way he thought about his fitness and mans was an amazing athlete.


A very good athlete worked out incredibly hard on a daily basis was out here running seven and a half minute miles. I saw it right in front of us. You know, we were out here discussing our plans for the future. As I started to hold myths and watch him get better at what he did. I also saw, met up with him. He knew a guy who was opening a gym, you know, that gym actually harbored some very smart fitness minds. It was great. We sparred and worked together with him being an athlete. Right. I noticed a lot. It freed his mind. He was an intense, smart athlete and it helped him be better at what he did that to me was a clear sign of somebody just doing it. Right. And yes, we did partake inside the gym. We did spar afterwards. It was glorious.


All right. Is that you guys, do you feel like it just enhances your body awareness, your body mechanics and makes you think and move a little bit better? Cuz that’s the sense I got from mans. So even the stress and anxiety part of it, right where on a daily we’re using it to kind of alleviate all the stresses of life. It gives you that feeling. It’s proven to be more again, anxiolytic, which is that scientific word that says it reduces more stress, acute doses, which again, we also want to define acute versus chronic, right? This is a daily thing multiple times a day. That’s a little too much in general for anything medicinal or otherwise or acute, which is as needed. Kind of like my inhaler where I got that asthma, right? Pollen counts real high as needed when we use it as needed. It’s shown scientifically the science proves helps with your stress, helps with your anxiety.


And this is the reason that we’ve seen culturally that yo, we need to pull back on this punishment right here, this prohibition, ain’t the business. And you guys figured it out a long time ago, way before us. Nice work. When I see you guys all good, you’re working out, you advocate it, right? You figured out a nice tempo. You’re very moderate about when and how you take it. Some of you in your sixties, some of you in your twenties everywhere in between when we’re in this space. Right. And we take it medicinally. I find you’re great inside the gym. I love it. So that’s the first type of folks that I meet. What about the next type? All right. If you’re out here, maybe you’re in a period of life that I would like to call soul searching. You have a lot of free time.


Maybe you’re a creative, right? And your free time is during the middle of the day. You guys, we have a lot of discussions, you know, we’re in here talking about it. When I have people that do that for a living and they’re coming in to work out. What do you guys find out of it? Let me just pose the question. Okay. What type of routine are you guys building when you’re soul searching? How do you incorporate consuming marijuana inside of your fitness? I know plenty of folks who have creative mindsets who consume and when we work out, you are, you are very kind of just active with it, just real active with it. You’re just great at what you know, you’re good at listening to your body and everything. You’re using your workouts. You’re just a lot of you are finding new ways to work out too.


I’ve noticed when we’re in this soul searching kind of space in our life and we’re consuming marijuana. That’s that’s you guys that’s for you. All right. And then the last way, or the last folks that I meet that consume a lot of marijuana, aren’t really consuming marijuana consuming, CBD. So CBD is the part. So like if you took marijuana, it’s, it’s mostly gonna be made of THC, which is by the way, naturally received by your body. Your body literally is set up to receive the active form of marijuana naturally out the box as God intended. All right. Giving lots of credence to IANS everywhere. All right. And many more folks who knew this, who got it way before everyone else. So the point is that I’m trying to make right now is of the many chemicals inside of marijuana. There is a quote unquote inactive, chemical, right?


And one of them is basically CBD. All right. The CBD that we take a long time ago, many decades scientifically was discovered to be good at curing epi, epileptic, epi epileptic episodes. All right, today, folks have kept looking for the efficacy of CBD over time in doing so we’ve heard through the grapevine colloquially that this CBD is actually good for anti-inflammatory properties. Well, who are the most inflamed folks who are actually semi-healthy right? Is mostly athletic folks. People who work out four times a week or more. And so there’s this big surge to consume lots of CBD. What does CBD do for you guys? Right? And when you try it, when you consume it, when you inhale it, when you shatter, well, now you can’t, but what does it do for you guys? The science points to basically there being voracity between the notion that CBD can help inflammation, but firm concrete imprinting that says yes, CBD cures inflammation, especially in athletes, not quite there, but all the studies seem to lead to the conclusion that we need more studies.


So it’s positively correlated with the fact that you have inflammation, you take CBD, you might have less, what do you guys get out of it? Right? Is it just placebo? And if it is, that’s not so bad, because again, we found nothing but positive correlations in all of this. My buddy I lost touch with him a few years back, but we trained really hard for like two years. And I wonder if he’s still training to this day and if he is, and he’s still consuming marijuana, ah, man, I have no choice, but to believe he’s still in some of the best shape he’s ever been, because it certainly didn’t affect that man’s cardio gas tank. He lap me a like one full time, right? Me and the other guy, we were training with running for miles, consuming, heavy amounts of marijuana. You know what I mean?


And it just, again, we’ve come full circle haven’t we we’ve come full circle from it being completely deionized and pointing to a certain group of folks who only consumed this stuff because they had no aspirations in life that actually being the domain right for, and the appetite for those who have extremely high aspirations in life and without touching too much on the cultural thesis or the catalyst for these things, because I think that’s more political than anything and unfortunate, frankly, yo enjoy the thing that even science says it ain’t gonna hurt you at all and might even help you. All right. So I’m gonna leave you with that. Let me know what you thought of the episode on apple podcast. If you review me for five stars, I’ll send you a free gift. I promise. All right. Join the show on ego killer Ask me a question. Let me know what you thought. That’s your way to join the show. So join us, join me and join the discussion. I appreciate it helps me come up with topics. So anyways, I want to thank you guys for listening and until the next one stay up