Burnout… Ahem | 3 Ways to break burnout and FEEL again

Being comfortable on your fit journey signals the death knell of your original goals! Truth bombs like this are the function of a BURNOUT and have to addressed. Look, you work hard and everyone who knows you, knows this. Dope. But there’s kinda like an alchemy involved in staying active, year round and building on your original goals.


10:00 what is a plateau for real?

3 tips

11:10 unloading week is…

12:05 re-evaluation and the WHY

13:00 look for “newness”

16:00 how to taper

What’d we say? | Podcast Transcript


Hey, what’s good. Thank you for joining me. I’m Johann Francis CSCS, and welcome to my show, Ego Killer! It’s here on this show where we cover everything that goes on inside the gym so that you can literally move better outside in life, cuz it’s out there or we want to make the changes happen. It’s in the gym that we learn about how hard we push ourselves to break through our limits. We do inside of this place is discover our limits. It’s where I believe we learn more about ourselves is when we’re pushed up against it. And I’ve seen a lot of you respond in kind. So my hope is that you pick up a little something today and apply it and pay it forward too. If you could, that’d be cool. Makes my job easier. <Laugh> makes your job easier. Cuz someone will now owe you a little bit of advice back.


All right. Little ment for you today. We’re gonna talk a little bit about staying really active. There’s one tat truth about working out inside the gym. I see it in you guys every so often. Now when this particular thing occurs, it varies amongst person to person. Sometimes it happens in two months. Sometimes it’s two weeks. Sometimes you got it. Before you even come in and see me burnout, I believe it was Pusha T who said in response to Drake, even though you’re multi, I could tell your soul, don’t look alive sometimes it’s that serious you guys. And what I mean is this. Sometimes when we start on our fitness Jersey, our journey, rather the fire has been extinguished. Maybe someone else extinguished it, we’re going through things in our personal life, bad of getting out of a bad relationship, having a discussion with the MD and the MD kind of kicked us down with some health scares and told us that, Hey, we’re not as healthy as we thought, maybe we got off another diet that failed us.


Our, our fire has kind of been extinguished. And so we have a lot of trouble getting into the gym and sticking with a routine. Sometimes I meet you on that level. All right. And it’s up to our work inside the gym to reignite all of that passion, the passion for life. Right? And that’s what we do inside the gym is we’re finding your why we’re finding your daily motivation. Yeah. It’s behind doing pushups and you know, plyo pullups and strapping you to the M one tank and having you push that up and down the street. Yeah. But what we’re trying to do is explore your limits. We’re actually trying to ironclad your body. Sometimes the soul don’t look alive and that burnout has taken over. If it isn’t within the first week of us meeting and you’ve kind of had, you know, been kicked, kicked around a little bit, right?


It’s not in day one. Maybe it happens later on down the line. Burnout is very real. Maybe you’ve been working out too hard, too long. And your body’s kind of shutting down on you. Maybe you’re a little bit tired from waking up sore every single day. And just rolling over outta bed becomes a little bit more strenuous. It’s not the mind that’s giving up. It’s the body. That’s like, yo, I need a little bit of a change here. And that’s what we’re gonna talk about actually later is how do we change it up so that we can still equivocate nice gains in the gym without stopping. That’s kind of the key formulas. How do we do this without stopping? Sometimes this process isn’t weeks, but months later, or even up to a year where we’ve hit our goal and all of a sudden we’ve decided we don’t need no more goals anymore.


Right? We’re we’re like be damned. David Goggins. You who say that? Yo the finish line there ain’t no finish line. No, no, no, no, no. I hit my goal. All right, I’m wearing that. T-Shirt out at the beach and I’m gonna take it off. I’m wearing that two piece. I’m gonna look fire. That’s the finish line. That’s the finish line. What do you mean? There’s no finish line. <Laugh> anyway, this is in reference to David Goggins. Who believes there is no finish line. I I, I definitely agree with that. However, most of us not wired that way. So the point is this burnout can occur a lot of stages. How do we avoid it? And what do we do to build back from it? Cuz we don’t ever want our soul not to look alive. It is quite the pity when your fire’s been extinguished for whatever reason.


All right. We always need to have that pilot light lit up. So you might think it’s only athletes. It’s not those of you who come in and work out with me. You guys suffer from burnout too. It takes place in the form of a relapse, relapses occur too, right? Like you guys have ever tried to give up eating bread meat for a really long time. Right? You love red meat that time where you spent two months trying to give up drinking vodka. You know what I mean? Or any type of alcohol, maybe it was all alcohol or you stopped eating cruciferous fruit, cuz you were doing that paleo diet or something like that. Okay.


You relapse eventually you give in you capitulate, you capitulate. So that’s part of your mind. That’s like this is silly wholesale giving up stuff, food. This is silly that I have to like completely give up drinking. Come on now. And you relapse. This is a very real expectation. So don’t think that burnout which can look like relapse is just the domain of athletes. It’s the domain of anyone that’s trying to shift change and metastasize change inside that body. Your soul don’t look alive, right? That’s the problem. That’s the problem. And so burnout is very real. It happens when we hit a plateau. When we think we have everything figured out inside the gym, I give you an example. I’ve had a lot of you come in and work with me and like right, when we get to that, we set this goal because we’re in a stage in our life where the goal is the only thing that matters personally.


It’s if I have competition coming up, those of you are athletes when you have competition, but I’ve trained a lot of you where it’s like it has zero to do with aesthetics. Well, what happens when we hit that goal, it becomes purely aesthetic, purely aesthetic, which is fine, but that becomes more easy to maintain at that point. It isn’t so much how much strength you want to gain to look aesthetically pleasing to yourself. Or maybe it’s your loved one. It’s more like just showing up at that point. That is a plateau. It’s more of an, a meta, it’s more of a long term plateau, but that happens all the time with you guys. All right. And I’m not gonna say that your soul don’t look alive just because your six pack does like that’s not the business. Right. But we also wanna remember to reignite that pilot the pilot flame, the pilot light inside and avoid it and understand that that’s a little bit of burnout.


You know, sometimes when that happens, I used to train someone that was really she worked out really, really hard. We used to train pretty late in the evening is really late. And after two years of training, she just, she was really not about aesthetics. And all of a sudden her goals started to shift into aesthetics, right? Let’s call her Kimberly and I noticed Kim’s goals were shifting heavily in the opposite direction, diametrically opposed from what it was. And all of a sudden a woman never cared about the way she looked, was talking about how she wanted to look for the summer in her, probably one piece. And I’m like wondering about this, like how does this shift happen so much? Well, she’d been working out pretty much straight for two years with about what? 10 days vacation once and five days, another constantly pushing yourself to the absolute limit.


She was a college athlete. So she had a lot of her limits were way, you know? I mean she knew how to push herself real well, but after two years, anyone’s gonna burn out. Especially when you hit that initial goal of repairing, you know, your injured muscles and all the things she came in for. So is that you, if it is, that’s cool, your soul don’t look dead. Like that’s not what’s going on, but we do need to find a way to retool. So there’s three ways that I’m gonna offer that for you guys. All right. So athletes, okay. Before we get to that. Yeah. Burnout is very true. It’s very real where your body starts responding. You start losing a little bit more sleep. The recovery takes days. You’re constantly and I mean constantly dehydrated. And you’re finding it very hard. Dehydrate. These are the domains of burnout. There’s so many more issues too. Some that work in with your psychological, like you start being a little bit low, especially that sleep. Once you start losing that sleep, oh my God, you start losing sleep too much sleep because of burnout, physical burnout. You miss the exit on the freeway and it’ll, it’s making go ballistic. Right? That’s how it is. So burnout is very real consideration when you’re out here working out a lot. All right.


It’s the result of perceived and real physiological plateaus. All right. Plateaus are where the increasing change, like the rate of change slows heavily, almost looking from the outside. Like it stops. So your change, it slowed down really like big time to the point where it’s almost like there’s no change. Now there’s definite change, but it’s slow. You can’t perform in the gym. Right? You’re oh, another thing your attention deficit starts to pick up, right? You really have scattered attention when you suffer from physi physiological burnout, right? Emotional burnout, the muscles are just tired and weak. You used to be able to do, you know, a certain type of set inside the gym squats or whatever. And you can’t even do that burnout. Let’s get to it. Right. Let’s get to it. Let’s get to how we solve the burnout. And I’m gonna give you three ways.


All right. Inside of strength and conditioning, we call it unloading. That’s where we don’t do the thing anymore for a week. So like, yo, I got you guys doing ketlebell drills and back squats. And every week with me, it would be every like definitely every two weeks we would push for a PR within a certain rep range. We just don’t do that during unloading week when there’s burnout going down, all right, what we would do is we start doing different moves, agility and things like that to keep our metabolism up. And we just kind of do squats sparingly, but we definitely get away from the modus operandi of doing compound move back squats because that’s, what’s keeping you, keeping you feeling low and that’s what we wanna avoid. That’s the first thing is do new moves that are high metabolism, high work rate and good speed of movement.


The second is reevaluating yourself. Like, why are we doing this whole thing? Why are we up in the gym? All of a sudden, if it’s competition, right? And you’ve had that long, long, long, long training cycle or training camp, right? Maybe a little too long. We gotta evaluate the why we have to start thinking about lessening, our intensity and making every con very strict efforts. Let’s say to get more sleep and hydration, cuz that’s gonna save your life, man. You start losing sleep. You start losing hydration. And then when that happens, you’re just, it’s all the energy processes in your body. They take place inside of water. You don’t have enough water, your body. Doesn’t like still continue to create energy. It just stops. So consider these things please. And the last thing is, you know what? We’re gonna have to look for newness.


So we’re gonna have to look for newness inside the gym and outside. And what I mean by that is this, like I said before, we’re gonna try to do some different things, agility and high metabolism, high rate of speed moves, but also just look for whatever’s new inside the gym and do it. So like if we’ve spent weeks doing your Olympic and technical lifting, we’re gonna start body building. We’re gonna start doing splits. We’re gonna start doing super and monster sets. We’ll do those things in order to shake it all up. Cuz the name of the game at that point becomes, shake it all up. Okay. Looking for newness on the outside, maybe it was always our concern for us to start losing weight. Well, after working out this long, we lost all this body fat and the weight. Maybe it slowed down a little bit, but the body fat’s there.


Maybe we start thinking about new measurable goals that we need to think about in order to keep us active. As all of a sudden like they’re rolling out M one Abrams tanks outside the door right now. This is great. Anyway, let me get back. <Laugh> what they’re doing outside was loud. But I was saying about newness was think about your life as a function of newness. Okay. Newness has to be discovering lateral laterally, satisfying things, right? So it’s not the thing that you thought made you happy, but it’s adjacent. It’s gonna make you happy, but it’s literally something you haven’t done before. If you thought it was, Hey, it’s all about this weight loss. Maybe it isn’t, maybe it’s all about taking that trip and feeling bomb. When you’re on vacation. Maybe it’s about eating more drinking a beer every now every night. And it being rolled up into your metabolism, lots of health benefits inside of those hops, right? So those are the three things you’re gonna look for. New moves, high metabolism, high work rate. You’re gonna reevaluate the why. And you’re gonna chalk everything up to this newness in order to avoid burnout.


We want that soul to look alive and feel alive. We wanna make sure that the fire is lit. And what I mean is like the intention, the focus it’s, it has to be on point. It has to be within your purview. Otherwise there is little need for us to continue to train and who doesn’t want to continue to train. Okay. Go to the website coach Johan, cscs.com. I actually have a lot of resources for you guys about how to maintain a very, very long training cycle where you could basically work out year round and not get burned out. Right. I’ve suffered, burned out, burned out at times in inside the physical life, also with work too. And <affirmative>, and it’s interesting for me. I don’t consider myself ever stopping training. I’m always kind of active with it and I encourage everyone that trains with me to do the same thing.


And it’s just a trip because you think it’s automatic. But what it is is me. People like me who work out our whole lives, we’re athletes. You just kind of figure out a modus opera to keep yourself active all the time. So you know, when to taper down and when not to, but most people don’t understand. You know what I mean? Maybe you guys are one of that. Maybe you’re working out right now, you know, but there is a way where you can kind of buoy sometimes it’s up and you’re working out super duper hard. Sometimes you’re down and you’re not working as hard, but you’re still working. And then there’s burnout where you don’t want to do at all. <Laugh> and but you should. And that’s what we wanna use. Those three there’s those three keys. There’s more, but those are three global ways and those three should help you actually break through the wall and keep you active.


If they don’t, you’re gonna have to take more time on each individual. One of my three points and break ’em down even more because once you start breaking them down even more, then we start asking more questions about your motivation and then your, your thinking patterns, right? And that’s where you get to real. That’s where you actually start making confirmational changes on the way you think, right? That takes a lot more work and a lot more time. Sometimes in that case, we’re not even actually ready to work out and we’re still been trying to work out, but we actually should be taking more time to figure out the why within ourself. So I just got deep, pulled me out the water, but look, I want you guys to feel like there’s always another goal to get to when you have reached your physical goal, we’re asking what’s the next thing physically that we could do.


It has to tie into the why it has to okay. It has to. All right. And that’s the case too. When we’re trying to look for a new goal, we have to like go of the old goal. It’s the death of the old goal. It’s the rebirth of the new one. It is kind of it’s not day one stuff because there was a very acute reason why you came in to see people like me, right. Coaches, trainers, but it’s day 100 stuff where now the reason isn’t so obvious. So we gotta look a little bit deeper in order to, in order to find out what that is, the death of the old goal, the birthing of a new one. That’s where we’re at. All right. That’s where we’re at. All right. So I want that for you guys. So go ahead and give that a shot this week. Think about the last time that you felt burnt out, how you got over and let me know, go to apple podcast. If you’d like this episode and rate it, five stars will get you a free gift. I promise. Let me know what you do to avoid burnout or somebody that you know, that’s burned out maybe is from their job or whatever and how you can get them back on track probably by sending ’em into the gym. Huh? And until the next time


Stay up.J