Avatars of EASE | 3 R’s to Consistency and Choosing better models of PHYSICAL Greatnes

Who’s here to tell you you didnt work? Often, we look at people with a nice aethetic appeal and think, “…specimen,” “didn’t have to work for it…,” and instantly, we’re caught up. Caught up in thinking that WE are behind those who were “gifted” with great genetics. Ego trippin makes it all too easy to regard others as too far ahead to catch up with but the truth is – there ain’t no Avatars of Easy. Everyone had to work to get in amazing shape believe it. Otherwise, that belief keeps us inside a holding pattern of thinking which paralyzes our efforts to grow, to move forward.

And guess what, there’s no such thing as a genetic freak! Most people had to work at SOMETHING to get to physical and emotional primes. No one just shows up on point.

What we are seeing is the peak of others’ accomplishments and beneath the surface, there is a TON of stuff we never see nor hear about.

Friends, we need to revamp just how we look to other people for perfection and physical fitness.


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What’d we say? | Podcast Transcript


Hey, what’s good. Thank you for joining me. My name’s Johann Francis CSCS and welcome to my show. Ego Killer!, Like right here on this show, we go through all the moves you need to make inside the gym to keep you moving outside in life. Because if there’s nothing that we learn inside the gym, it’s all about what we do with our limitations, what those perceived limitations are and best. And most importantly, how we break right through them. It’s important that we test ourselves if not little by little, but we do test ourselves. We don’t do it inside the gym or inside of some type of safe space where the physical body can kind of be pushed. Well, the entropy of life kind of sneaks up on you real quick and we’re not prepared. So we prepare ourselves inside the gym. We think of it as the lab it’s body therapy and every time out we’re looking for our limits.


But to be honest, we’re also enjoying those spots in between when we’re not hitting our limits. So to do that, it takes multiple tries and takes multiple swings of the ax. Before that Sequoia comes crashing down, you can just pull up, expect to get the most outta your day in your movement, do the thing and then walk off like, yeah, I did that next. Nope. Part of it is what you like to call a learning curve. There’s a learning curve. When you step inside the gym, you gotta learn how your body moves. Your coaches have to learn how you react to certain type of movements, certain stressors, progressive overloads. And then we have to challenge them. We have to first establish that you could balance yourself on one foot and you don’t fall over walking from here, you know, to the car. Then once you can handle that, then I can add speed. Then I can add load. Then I could add multiple planes of movement. This is how it goes inside the gym.


I’m only mentioning this because when we first step in, we maybe think, and I know some of you guys, when you step in, you think like, yo, if I don’t get this in two weeks, this like I’m out. But the truth is it takes a path. There’s a whole psychology on models of change and trance, theoretical change and the path and the needs within us. Yo, we need to remember that. We need to push shoes on a baby, make sure the baby walks. Then we start running. And what I mean is no matter where our starting point is, there’s always going to be a learning curve. You gotta make sure that you’re absorbed absorbed in the cycle of change. All right. It’s funny because sometimes the learning curve can literally just be biomechanical. Like you didn’t know how to do the, the pull-ups correctly.


I kind of set you up for success. You know, we put a couple bands and all of a sudden you could do that, pull up correctly. But a lot of the time, this stuff is internal. It’s what you’re ready for mentally, right? Not just physically. It’s about what you’re ready for spiritually to accept what challenges we’re willing to look at, what challenges we’re looking to overcome. A lot of it is that too. So even that takes baby steps and so rushing into it. Mm never the business, but to build consistency means you’re a Marine, right? To build consistency. That’s where you’re gonna get your gains. And the March towards consistency is what we need to build. Because look, nobody just pulls up and is already there. There are no specimens. There are no freaks of nature, right? There are no God’s gifts walking around that didn’t work.


I’m sorry. There isn’t look. Sometimes it seems like it, it seems like some people just show up and they look great. They feel better than you. They just are gonna do the thing. It’s usually like a purely aesthetic observation. But sometimes there are people that look like they get it a little bit faster than everybody else. And it’s like, yo, you didn’t really have to work to get there. You’re talented. Right? But the truth is with a lot of folks that look like specimens. There’s a lot of work that was done underneath the surface. So what we’re gonna talk about today is just keeping yourself consistent. I want you guys to be consistent and I want you guys to start identifying models of consistency better than you do today. Because sometimes we look at somebody else and we’re like, yo, God’s gift just walked in the room.


He or she looks amazing. Didn’t have to work for it. That means I am way, way, way behind the eight ball, right? I’m way out here. I’m never gonna catch up. That’s what you’re saying to yourself, subconsciously. So we want to kind of erase the, delete that negative self talk. And I wanna teach you guys, or at least open the door to looking at models of consistency better than we do, cuz we need it. All right. Being consistent means that you gotta realize there is no such thing as God’s gift. Some of you might be the closest thing to God’s gift, right? You might be the closest thing to a specimen might be the closest thing to waking up looking and feeling like this. You might be the closest thing to a man’s child. As I’ve heard other people call it where you’re just able to throw weight around the room.


You walk outside, it’s July. <Laugh> right. And the six pack has appeared. Some of you are the closest thing to it, but I’ll be the last person to malign your achievement by being like, I know you didn’t do no work, right? Just because I can’t identify what you do when the doors are shut. I know you didn’t do any work. Unfortunately. That’s what a lot of us do. So I want you guys to start looking for consistency out in the world. And what we’ll talk about later is my three, this just happened to be ours. The three RS that you could use to become more consistent. Okay. Before we get to it, we need to understand that there are no avatars of ease out there. All right. I want you guys to understand that what there are are people who get certain aspect of the chain cycle a little bit quicker than you.


I talked about it before. It’s external and it’s internal and there’s so much going on within each person. But if you’re really committed to getting better inside the gym, to recovering from injury, right? Accepting day one, that you’re gonna be a little bit slower than, than old boy over here or this lady over there, you’re gonna have to accept that. It’s gonna take a while. We’ve come up with a lot of memorable aphorisms about how long habits form ment the truth is that’s for some folks habits form in 21 days or habits form in 121 days, right? That’s the truth. The truth is it really is dependent on your own life experience. How quick you are at learning and how quick your body responds. Right? We’ve all been around folks who are really good with using their bodies right out the gate. Well, they’re challenged. Then if you meet someone that’s super athletic, isn’t using their body. It’s gonna be how to stay active. Maybe it’s gonna be how to, you know, not be, get injured. Maybe they’re injury prone, right? Maybe they don’t know how to not work out all the time. Right? Those are all challenges. And so if the outcome is to be totally healthy, to work out, you know, four to six times a week, minimum three, we’re looking for consistency in doing that. Cuz there are no avatars of ease’re just are not.


So when you go and you see somebody that’s doing the thing and they make it look easy, we pause, what did it take to fit inside of that white tea and make it look crispy. That two piece, like what, what kind of exercise are they doing? How is their eating? How did they form these habits? The forming of those habits took a while. How does this person that you know, could be a friend, a coach, whatever, how long did it take for them to foment the habits where this has become kind of a lifestyle? Cause there ain’t no avatars of ease, right? So that’s gonna be the first thing that we do. We wanna step away from looking for avatars that make it all look too easy, cuz it is never that easy. Some of you might have been called like genetically gifted. Like how insulting is that? Cuz that’s to imply that you did nothing for your physical or aesthetic station in life, you did nothing. You just pulled up or you have a good eye for choosing the right like skinny jeans or, or you have a good taste in wigs. Like this is not the domain of respectability.


Right? Look, You’re not in avatar at ease. I’ll be at the last one to malign you with thinking that there is, you just showed up like this, What you do get from folks who have a six pack and have athletic pros. You’re probably looking at the peak of their accomplishments. All right. Even if it is coaches, if it’s friends, if it’s roommates, we’re looking largely at the peak of those folks’ accomplishments because you’re never born a specimen. Like how insulting is it? Like I just decided that I’m gonna be not sore as everybody else. Like why would I stop there? If you know somebody that’s a specimen, why would they stop At just being able to lift like overhead press 400 pounds. Right?


If someone was an actual specimen and didn’t have to try very hard, what satisfaction is there and trying so hard. <Laugh> right. Okay. Well I think you get the point. I wanna just emphasize that there are no avatars. Okay. Because no one would actually choose to have ease with their physical Prowe and then just stop there. Like there’s just not human nature. We seek to challenge ourselves. So let’s talk about the three R’s. Okay. Let’s talk about the three R’s there’s always something that you can work on to build consistency. All right. Now that we’ve kind of said, yo, everybody that I see that I feel like is just God’s gift to fitness. I’m simply seeing the peak of their accomplishments. Maybe this is the best they’ve ever looked in their entire lives. You know what I mean? Maybe there’s someone that has honed their skills from a very young age and we’re made aware of it right now that we’ve separated ourself from that discourse of the mind, let’s get into these three R’s.


So the first one’s gonna be routine set yourself up with a routine, set yourself up with a routine starting right? When you open your eyes and that sunlight breaks right through your eyelids. The minute that that first photon you in the face, smacks you outta bed, start your routine. It could be a mental routine, a little bit of meditation, a little bit of thankfulness. It’s the thing. It’s the mind already active taking on the day, getting busy, ready to get after it. That’s that mindset. That mindset needs to be ironclad. So at the first crack of Dawn, we wanna already be in a space where our building, our, our routine it’s taking in the food that we need for the day or the week, making the shift based on our schedule. Maybe we’re all about coffee. First thing. Okay. Get you some coffee going, but then let’s start the decision making right away.


I’m gonna go ahead and take it a step further that mind’s gotta be right, right away in the morning. Isn’t it. So setting up the routine is the first R the second R is gonna be to kind of recover a fraction of how hard you work out needs to be just set aside for recovering. So when we’re in the middle of training camp, or we have an event or some kind of big event coming up, right? Anytime we have something on the calendar that we’ve circled, maybe there isn’t time to recover, but there’s gotta be at minimum, a fraction, a sliver, a splinter set aside for recovery, even in the climb of having an event. Now, if there’s no event scheduled, we’re gonna take an even bigger fraction. But this is the time where your muscles rebuild your mind resets. And you’re actually receiving better messages, positivity right about your body.


And that helps you recover. So the second one’s gonna be recover. A fraction of how hard you work in. And the last R is gonna be record your progress and recording your progress could be something like writing it down. It could be something like writing it down. We all have the the app, right? You bust open the app. You start writing down w after every Monday, w Tuesday w right for win, right? You maybe like V victory. I don’t know. But whatever it is, you gotta record your progress. And I say that as I codify that as a w or a V, because yo, you ha the easiest, quickest way to record your progress is to take a w when you have a good day of working out, straight up, that is the easiest and most effective way to record progress is to say, Hey, I did that.


My day was good. I came out of this thing a little bit better. All right. You add all those up at the end of the month. You gotta, you gotta a ton of, W’s a ton of victories. All right. And then you gotta also record your progress too. I know I do it for my trainees and I’ll write it down. And at the, any given interval, we could look back and be like, yeah, you used to live this now. You’re way up here. This is a good thing. So those are the three R’s it’s establishing a routine, recover and record your progress. We do that. We establish consistency. So let me know how it works out for you guys. Head to the website, ego killer show.com rate this episode, if you like it, and I’ll send you a free gift. If I get those five stars from you, And until the next time


Stay up.