Who told you to EAT like That? | Relationship with fast food, the arches and other microbe-resistant Stuff

We remember as youngsters the treat of eating fast food only to recall just how f’ed up fast food is when the microbes and bacteria won’t go near it. Yet, we still enjoy it. What if it was aunties cooking instead? Wouldn’t you enjoy it for real.

Also, I’m reminded of such things when bringing up trash in my car, the jingle to my favorite fast food which is cosigned by one of my favored rappers, and trying to figure out just who teaches us to eat the way we do.



3:45 love hate relationship

6:05 mold wont eat this stuff

8:25 the messaging was there from day 1

9:50 we listen to others on how to eat

10:15 it’s Pusha T’s fault

12:40 Convenience over comfort

15:05 the Eating Chain

What’d we say? | Podcast Transcript