The Alcohol Episode | 3 Tips how to Make it hurt your wallet, not your Liver

Please believe most of us have a relationship with alcohol. Simply, it might be all about calories but for others still, it’s about a lifestyle and to shift that means we’ll grapple with alcohol’s place in our lives. Then again, you could just follow Johann’s three keys to look for when adjusting for alcohol in your life whatever your relationship. One idea might involve being way more practical and princely than you might think.

2:45 My experience with alcohol

5:20 Calories in alcohol per serving on average

7:20 Lifestyle effects the WAY we drink

9:40 Reasons to NOT QUIT all alcohol but cut back and here’s why

3 Tips

11:15   #1 Calories

13:20   #2 Why you cant take alcohol abuse

14:50   #3 Drink better alcohol folks – it’s more expensive.

What’d we say? | Podcast Transcript